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     Because all businesses' needs and budgets vary considerably, it is impossible to create "one-size fits all" solutions.  Because of this, we create completely customized solutions for each customer.  With each one designed to address their goals and specifications. On this page, we list some samples of solutions and their prices, so you can better understand what we offer and charge.

     Services in which we specialize include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Website Layout and Design
  • Graphic Design and Digital Imaging   
  • Java and JavaScript Programming (To add interactivity to a website)
  • CGI Programming (To add powerful interactivity to a website)
  • E-Commerce
  • Website Promotion and Marketing

Here are three (3) basic sample solutions to give you an idea of the prices we charge. Please contact us for a free estimate.  We can tailor custom solution to fit your goal and budget.


  • We will register your domain name ( for $50, for 2 years.
  • InterNIC will assess you a separate charge of $70.
  • All prices are in United States Dollars. (USD)
  • Navigational buttons and toolbars do not count as graphics in the samples below.
Sample Solution #1  $400- A small foothold on the web...
  • 1-3 web pages (each page can hold @ 400-500 words)
  • 4 custom graphics/scanned graphics
  • Registration with major search engines





Sample Solution #2  $700- Ideal for a basic company web presence...
  • 5-8 web pages
  • optional interactivity
  • 10 custom graphics/scanned images
  • registration with all major search engines
  • E-Commerce/Shopping carts available





Sample Solution #3 $1400- Perfect for most companies...
  • 8-12 web pages
  • 15 custom graphics/scanned images
  • 2 digital photos (optional)
  • Registration with all major search engines
  • Optional Interactivity
  • E-Commerce/Shopping carts available





Sample Solution #4  $2500- Make a statement, Run an online storefront...
  • 20-25 web pages
  • unlimited custom graphics/scanned images
  • 10 digital photos (optional)
  • Registration with over 600 search engines
  • Optional Interactivity
  • E-Commerce/Shopping carts available
  • Online product database 




We also offer the following services on a per hour basis: 

  • JavaScript Programming $50.00
  • PERL/CGI Programming $100.00
  • DHTML Programming $55.00
  • Digital photography $20.00

I hope you have an idea as to what services we offer.  We can establish your presence no matter what the situation...!!!




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