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       Web Solutions





Web Solutions We Offer:

  • Website design                
  • Web publishing
  • Web Hosting
  • E-Commerce provider
  • Internet merchant accounts
  • Advertising/ Internet marketing
  • Database development
  • Web programming
  • Digital Imaging
  • Web business consulting
  • Web business planning

             ...Coming Soon...

HKNet, our own Internet Connection Service.  Sign up now and get rates starting at $4.95 a month to $16.95 a month unlimited access.  7 screen names, 4,000 keywords, 20mb Web Space, Creation Tools, and 56k access.  

H & K Web Services, Inc. is your total internet solutions provider.


Please check the webmaster services page for a estimated pricing list.  Pricing for individual services at a time vary. Please or phone us for a pricing list.







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